Besides offering our gifts during worship services, there are several other ways to give in an expression of thankfulness to God. Lord of Life has recently expanded avenues for accepting offerings and tithes, as well as payments for event registration fees and other purchases or donations.

Cash and check donations are accepted during regular Sunday worship services & other special services, by mail or in person during office hours. (M-F, 9-1)

Offering Envelopes – If you would like to receive offering envelopes, you may get a box from the church office. Envelopes are already dated for every Sunday and Special Offering throughout the year and are an excellent way to help you set aside your gifts in advance. This option is best used for cash or personal checks.

Bank Checks – As another means of automatic giving, you may contact your bank to set up a recurring check to be sent to Lord of Life of a specific amount. This is a great way to maintain easy control over the frequency and amount of your regular giving.

In addition to cash and check donations and direct deposit, we have the following options available for your giving convenience.

Give+ Mobile App (NEW) – We now have the Give+ Mobile App that is available for download from both Apple and Google Play.  Using this smartphone app, you can quickly and easily donate using your debit/credit card or checking/savings account.  You may make one-time donations or set up recurring giving.  You can choose to create an account or donate as a guest.  You can securely and conveniently manage donations using Touch ID/Fingerprint, PIN or password.

** Click on the link to see “How To” set up your Give+ Mobile App:  Give+ App: How To Document

Simply Giving – This is an auto-debit program that any church member may sign up for. Contact the church office to provide your bank information, and the amount you would like to regularly contribute. This is an easy way to make sure you’re always staying on top of your annual commitment!

Square (NEW) –  The church office now accepts credit card payments using the Square Point of Sale device for event registration fees, purchases and donations.

PayPal –  Our website accepts credit card payments using PayPal for certain event registration fees (ex: VBS & Day Camp).

Online Giving – If you would like to contribute on-the-fly by making donations through PayPal or another online source, please let us know.

ELCA – You can give to the ELCA, as well.

Whatever way you decide to give, thank you for supporting the ministry and mission of Lord of Life as we work together to grow the kingdom of God and strengthen the body of Christ!