Come join us as we embark on a Magi Journey.

After worship we will meet back at Lord of Life for some fellowship time and exploration of our experience in a new place.

Are we ceasing ministry as Lord of Life Lutheran Church? Yes. Is it sad? Yes. Death can be sad in all of its manifestations. We are a resurrection people; we know that death is not the end, but a new beginning.

We have been working to be intentional about choosing resurrection as an option for our ministry ceasing. Over the last many months our team of leaders have worked with our Pastor to cultivate relationships with organizations that we might partner with to carry forth our light, our faith, our values and to ensure that those things that we focused ministry around, during our time as a community, continues in a new way.

We have invited these and additional partners to join us in our community life throughout Advent. This video is a collection of some of the opportunities we have to leave a legacy in our place, carrying forward the love of God for all people, long after we’re gone.