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Pastor Skip Wachsmann

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Pastor Skip is the pastor of Lord of Life Lutheran Church. He was born and raised in a small farming community twenty miles north of Houston, Texas, moved to Detroit in September 1976. Having completed his undergraduate work at Valparaiso University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Theology (1972) and his seminary education at Concordia Seminary-in-Exile, St. Louis, MO with a Masters of Divinity (1976), he was called to serve as the pastor of St. Mark’s Lutheran Church (AELC), Detroit. In 1982, Rev. Wachsmann began serving as the Pastor of Grace (ALC), St. Luke (ALC), and St. Mark’s Lutheran Churches as the three congregations worked toward merger and the creation of Genesis. He served as Interim Assistant to the Bishop (part-time) from 1999-2004 under Bishop Robert Rimbo and as Dean of Cluster 12 for many years. Pastor Skip celebrated the 40th Anniversary of his ordination on September 18, 2016.


Minister of Music
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The Minister of Music position at Lord of Life is currently vacant. Application process is beginning soon. If interested, please email your resume to the office at


Tealithia Oliver

Nursery Attendant
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Hello! My name is Tealithia Oliver and I am the Nursery Attendant for Lord of Life. I have been the Nursery Attendant since January of 2007. Along the way I have watched our youngest members of the church grow into wonderful teenagers on their way to adulthood. I love working with children and along the years have started a family of my own with two sons, two step-daughters, and my husband, Manuel Oliver.

My passion has always been to help others, especially children, the elderly and the disabled.

I was born in Bryan, TX, but mainly lived and grew up in Sacramento, CA, raised by my mother Wanda Williams. As a single parent, my mother showed me at a young age the importance of helping others and to be responsible. I first started helping people in high school by feeding the homeless in my community. In high school, I joined the People and Student Reaching Out program, which involved traveling to elementary schools speaking to children about strangers, drugs, abuse, and where and who to go to for help. My first jobs were working at Chuck-E-Cheese’s as a birthday party hostess on the weekends and a file clerk for an attorney during the weekday evenings at the age of 16. Some of my hobbies were cake decorating, track and tennis. During my spare time, I would babysit for 4 families from the private school.

After graduation, I worked at Children’s World Learning Center as a day care assistant during the week and would walk to Merryhill Elementary Private School as an after school counselor. I went to American River College at night for Early Childhood Education.

During this time, my mother and I found out that my grandmother had a stroke and decided to move back to Texas in 2003 to take care of her. While in Texas I transferred to continue working for Children’s World Learning Center and went to school at Austin Community College a year later. In 2006, I landed my first state job with the Texas Department of Criminal Justice working in a state prison while pregnant with my first child. I have moved up along the way and now currently work for Family and Protective Services. I first started with Adult Protective Services for 3 years, and now Child Protective Services for 4 years. Our mission is to always protect the unprotected. I have experience working with children from all different backgrounds, ages, and disabilities. One of my many goals is to find a way to be able to continue college and complete my education in order to help children with learning disabilities.

I consider Lord of Life as a second family. Both of my children were baptized here and I officially joined the church in 2015. In the nursery, you are always welcomed and invited. I encourage parents to come meet me along with the other wonderful Sunday school staff. Parents are always welcome to stop by anytime!


Council Vice-President
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2019 Vice-President of Church Council


Finance Ministry - Congregational Treasurer
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Treasurer of Lord of Life

Glenace Klinker

Finance Ministry - Financial Secretary

Financial Secretary


Congregational Life Ministry
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Congregational Life Ministry Team Lead

Felicia Wachsmann

Evangelism and Outreach Ministry
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Evangelism and Outreach Ministry Team Lead


Worship Ministry
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Worship Ministry Representative Team Lead



Youth Ministry Coordinator