Current News:

COTTAGE MEETING THIS SATURDAY!! What are your passions in life, school, work and church? What are you really passionate about? You’re invited to a Lord of Life Lutheran Church ‘Cottage Meeting’ to share and discuss your passions with other Lord of Life participants. Saturday, February 23rd, 5:00-7:00 pm. At the home of Lord of Life Council Member. ***You will be receiving an email invitation from a member of Lord of Life Council during the week of February 3rd.  Please keep watch for the email. Food and Beverages will be provided. Please let a member of Lord of Life Council know if you need transportation. Families always welcome (not restricted to adults only).

5.00-5.45 Lite Dinner (with vegetarian option)

5.45-6.00 Dwelling in the Word – 1 Corinthians 12: 1-11

6.00-7.00 Sharing our passions and discussion

7.00 wrap up and conclusion

Hope to see you there!

PRAYER PILLOWS – The prayer pillows assembled by Kindred Sisters earlier this month will be displayed and blessed on Sunday, February 24th.  They will then be located in Pr. Skip’s office and will be available to any member to give to others who are suffering a hardship or celebrating a joy. The threads are to be tied in a double knot for each prayer said, leaving a bit of space between each knot.

MINISTRY FAIR THIS SUNDAY!! – Easy to attend – fun, food and prizes to enjoy! Fair runs after BOTH services. Come at either time to learn how you can serve and help support the Ministries of Lord of Life!

ONLY ONE SUNDAY LEFT for Lutheran World Relief (LWR) Personal Care Kits Contributions of items (list in Lifelines, NewsBlast, & Welcome Center) or Monetary (memo LWR). Sunday, April 24th is the requested date for all Contributions. Kindred Sisters will be assembling the kits at their March 5th meeting. We have been tracking our Kits since 2014. They have gone to Lebanon, Ukraine, Angola, Burkina Faso and this past September to Ethiopia. Thank you from all Kindred Sisters. Questions, Glenace Klinker 512-671-3690.

  1. Dark light-weight bath-size (between 20″×40″ & 52″×27″) TOWEL
  2. Bath-size bars (4 – 5 oz) of SOAP, in original wrapping
  3. Adult TOOTHBRUSH – in original wrapping
  4. Sturdy COMB – wide tooth preferred
  5. Metal Nail Clippers preferably w/ file
  6. Or a Monetary Donation

KINDRED SISTERS meet Tuesday, March 5 in LOLLC Café.  Coffee ready by 10:15 am.  Meeting starts at 10:30 with our Devotion…before assembling LWR Personal Care Kits.  Be sure to bring your sack lunch for our fellowship lunch.  All Ladies and Friends of LOLLC are encouraged to attend.  Questions?  Glenace Klinker 512-671-3690.

LOST AND FOUND – Lost and found items will be available in the Welcome Center thru Sunday, March 3rd.  All unclaimed items will be donated to Goodwill.

STEWARDSHIP SNIPPET – 1 Corinthians 2:4 – Now there are varieties of gifts, but the same Spirit; and there are varieties of services, but the same Lord; and there are varieties of activities, but it is the same God who activates all of them in everyone.  Everybody has strengths and talents. Steward/disciples know that we find optimal joy, peace and fulfillment when we are using them for Godly purposes. What are your gifts? How are you using them?

TEXAS IMPACT – Have you felt frustrated with decisions made at the Texas Capitol? Do you want our state reps to know that we as Christians, Muslims and Jews are united in speaking up for the oppressed? Join our LOL group as we advocate with Texas Impact for InterFaith Lobby Day at the capitol Thursday, March 28th from 9:00-2:00. Check out the link. See Erica Smith for more info.

REQUEST FOR AUDITOR – You don’t need to be a CPA. If you’ve ever done accounting, bookkeeping or any form of finance; you are invited to speak with any Council member or the Finance Ministry team about doing our 2018 Church audit.  They will provide you with further information.  Please pray for your calling to serve in this capacity.  So many of us have valued skill sets which can be utilized to serving our congregation. I pray that there are members out there with these qualities. John Duarte

Education News:



This is the first book to journey to the heart of religious militancy. Kressel, who has spent decades researching genocide, terrorism, and anti-Semitism, brings to bear the insights of psychology and social science on this significant and critical problem. He offers a clear and enlightening analysis of when and how religions become capable of inspiring evil. Join us in the café.

WOMEN’S STUDY will continue with the book, 31 VERSES, in the office conference room.

TUESDAY NIGHT BIBLE STUDY – Bible Study on the book of Mark, continues on Tuesdays from 6:30-8:00 p.m. in the Café.

THURSDAY MORNING STUDY GROUP – This group meets on Thursdays at 9:45 am in the Lakeline Target snack bar. The study is about Esther. Contact: Marge Kretschmar,, for more information.

Upcoming News/Important Dates to Remember:


Upcoming Sunday Service Volunteers:

February 24, 2019

Presiding Minister:              Pastor Skip Wachsmann

Assisting Minister:              1) Lloyd Haskins                 2) Oscar Lopez

Children’s Time:                 1) N/A                                    2) Dave Smith

Communion Asst:               1)                                            2) Carol Alessi

Lector:                                   1)                                            2) Carol Alessi

Acolyte:                                 1) N/A                                    2) Nathaniel Duarte

Media Asst.:                          1) Lloyd Haskins                 2) “Pick-Up” as available

Ushers:                                   1) Doug Caldwell, Bill Saegert, Gary Parsons, Fred Grampp

                                                2) Mike Kamensky, Dave & Erica Smith, Mark Waggoner

Altar Guild:                           1) Melinda Prather              2) Dick Fink

Flowers:                                 Pat Olesen, in memory of loved ones

Tellers:                                  Carol Gaskamp & Barb Haskins

March 3, 2019

Presiding Minister:              Pastor Skip Wachsmann

Assisting Minister:              1) Lloyd Haskins                 2) Dick Fink

Children’s Time:                 1) N/A                                    2) Wendy Waggoner

Communion Asst:               1) Nell Pennington              2) Carol Alessi

Lector:                                   1) Nell Pennington              2) Nathaniel Duarte

Acolyte:                                 1) N/A                                    2) Benjamin Parsons

Media Asst.:                          1)                                            2) “Pick-Up” as available

Ushers:                                   1) Doug Caldwell, Bill Saegert, Gary Parsons, Fred Grampp

                                                2) Dave, Erica, Chapin & Luke Smith

Altar Guild:                           1) Lyn C & Peggy E           2) Kori Weston

Flowers:                                 Ladolcetta Family, celebrating Cody’s 5th birthday

Tellers:                                  Barb Haskins & Dick Fink