Current News:

MISSIONAL RIVER SURVEY – The Missional River Listening Team would like to encourage you to take time to fill out our survey. The deadline is January 20. We would like to know where you see God in Lord of Life’s neighborhood. There is an online anonymous survey, or a paper version located in the welcome center. If you have any questions, please contact Randi Ladolcetta.

PRAYER & HEALING SERVICE – Our next Prayer and Healing Service will be held on January 20 at 12:30 in the sanctuary. This is a wonderful opportunity take a short time for prayer and reflection, and, if you desire, to receive personalized prayer for you and those you hold close to your heart.

RECONCILING IN CHRIST SUNDAY – RIC Sunday is on Sunday, January 27th during both services. RIC Sunday is recognized ecumenically throughout the welcoming church movement. For faith communities that have made a public stand in welcoming people of all sexual orientations and gender identities, this Sunday is set aside to highlight our shared ministry of hospitality and reconciliation. Wear your Rainbow Pride shirt if you have one from this past Summer’s Pride parade.

ANNUAL CONGREGATIONAL MEETING – Mark your calendars to attend the 2019 Annual Congregational Meeting on Sunday, January 27th at 12:30 pm. A light lunch will be served.

LUTHERAN WORLD RELIEF (LWR) PERSONAL CARE KITS – Kindred Sisters will be gathering items for a Lutheran World Relief (LWR) project during January and February with the help of the whole congregation. Personal Care Kits are very much needed, therefore, we will again assemble PC Kits on Tuesday, March 5, 2019. All donated items will be collected by Sunday, February 24, 2019.  The items needed for each kit are:

  1. Dark light-weight bath-size (between 20″×40″ & 52″×27″) TOWELS
  2. Bath-size bars (4 – 5 oz) of SOAP, in original wrapping
  3. Adult TOOTHBRUSH – in original wrapping
  4. Sturdy COMB – wide tooth preferred
  5. Metal Nail Clippers preferably w/ file
  6. Or a Monetary Donation

Please place donated items in LWR Container in the Welcome Center.

LWR STAMPOREE – Another FULL bag of cancelled stamps was collected for LWR Stamporee to benefit Project Comfort!  Thank you LOLLC Members, RRISD Café Students, and especially Beatriz Fonseca.  Kindred Sisters is asking all LOLLC members/friends to SAVE cancelled stamps, especially commemorative stamps.  Just place your saved cancelled stamps (left on the whole envelope or torn/cut off with at least ¼”- ½” edge around stamp) in the STAMPOREE box in the Welcome Center.  Complete “Collection Information” is on bulletin board in the Café.    Project Comfort is for shipping expenses for LWR Kits such as the Personal Care Kits that Kindred Sisters assemble.  Thank you.

SIMPLY GIVING PROGRAM – Through Thrivent’s Simply Giving Program, your offering payments are made through a pre-authorized withdrawal from your bank account. You determine the frequency of your automatic donation – weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly – the option is yours. Remember, if you wish to update your giving amount for 2019 or to enroll as a new participant in the Simply Giving Program, you must complete a new form in advance to make the changes or be added to the program. Copies of the form are in the literature rack in the Welcome Center, or you may contact Kelley in the office to get a form. Thanks!

FLOWER CHART – We still have several openings on the new flower chart for 2019 in the Welcome Center. Please sign up for any remaining Sunday (or two) so that our altar will be beautifully adorned every week of the year.

CHURCH COUNCIL OPPORTUNITY – The Nominating Committee of Lord of Life is currently meeting to prayerfully select members of the congregation to be up for election for the 2019-2021 Council at the annual congregational meeting in January.  If you would like to be a member of the Council or have any questions about the role of a council member, please contact: Carol Gaskamp (, Deb Grunska (, or Barb Haskins (

SENIOR FEST – The 14th Annual Austin & Central Texas Senior Fest will be on Saturday, February 2nd, from 8:30 am – 3:00 pm at St. Paul Lutheran Church, LCMS, 3501 Red River St, Austin, TX 78705. Keynote speaker: Bishop Michael Rinehart, Texas-Louisiana Gulf Coast Synod, ELCA. The theme and keynote address for 2019 is “Living Fearless Lives of Courage and Faith”.  Registration brochures are located in the Welcome Center.

Education News:



This is the first book to journey to the heart of religious militancy. Kressel, who has spent decades researching genocide, terrorism, and anti-Semitism, brings to bear the insights of psychology and social science on this significant and critical problem. He offers a clear and enlightening analysis of when and how religions become capable of inspiring evil. Join us in the café.

WOMEN’S STUDY will continue with the book, 31 VERSES, in the office conference room.

TUESDAY NIGHT BIBLE STUDY – Bible Study on the book of Mark, continues on Tuesdays from 6:30-8:00 p.m. in the Café.

THURSDAY MORNING STUDY GROUP – This group resumed on January 17th at 9:45 am in the Lakeline Target snack bar. The study is about Esther. Contact: Marge Kretschmar,, for more information.

Upcoming News/Important Dates to Remember:

COTTAGE MEETING – February 23rd

MINISTRY FAIR – February 24th

Upcoming Sunday Summer Service Volunteers:

January 20, 2019

Presiding Minister:              Pastor Skip Wachsmann

Assisting Minister:              1) Lloyd Haskins                 2) (VACANT)

Children’s Time:                 1) N/A                                    2) Felicia Wachsmann

Communion Asst:               1) Marge Kretschmar         2) Carol Alessi, David Ladolcetta

Lector:                                   1) Marge Kretschmar         2) Mike Kamensky

Acolyte:                                 1) (VACANT)                       2) (VACANT)

Media Asst.:                          1) Jim Tarsi                           2) “Pick-Up” as available

Ushers:                                   1) Doug Caldwell, Bill Saegert, Gary Parsons, Fred Grampp

                                                2) Brad & Bryce Sheehan, Dave & Erica Smith

Altar Guild:                           1) Melinda Prather              2) Chuck Neeley

Flowers:                                 Peggy Ellwein & Brian Wickman

Tellers:                                  Mindy Penland & Shari Lagerstrom

January 27, 2019

Presiding Minister:              Pastor Skip Wachsmann

Assisting Minister:              1) Lloyd Haskins                 2) (VACANT)

Children’s Time:                 1) N/A                                    2) Dave Smith

Communion Asst:               1) Carol Gaskamp               2) Carol Alessi, David Ladolcetta

Lector:                                   1) Carol Gaskamp               2) Nicolas Duarte

Acolyte:                                 1) (VACANT)                       2) Jose Mendez

Media Asst.:                          1) Lloyd Haskins                 2) “Pick-Up” as available

Ushers:                                   1) Doug Caldwell, Bill Saegert, Gary Parsons, Fred Grampp

                                                2) Mike Kamensky, Dave & Erica Smith, Mark Waggoner

Altar Guild:                           1) Marge Kretschmar         2) Dick Fink


Tellers:                                  Mindy Penland & Shari Lagerstrom