Current News:

LAST SUNDAY FOR ELCA GOOD GIFTS – Again this year, on Jan. 6, we’ll have ELCA Good Gifts ornaments on our Christmas trees. Please consider taking an ornament and purchasing what you select. Place a check for the cost of the ornament you select in the offering plate, indicating in the Notes section what you are purchasing. This is a wonderful opportunity to help the ELCA address world hunger. There will be ELCA Good Gifts catalogs in the Worship Center or visit their website at

SPECIAL HIGH CHURCH SERVICE – We will hold a special High Church service on Jan. 6. This is the style of worship familiar to Martin Luther and the early Lutherans. We hope you will be able to join us for this special service at both the early and late services on Jan. 6.

MEN’S FELLOWSHIP BREAKFAST – The next Men’s Fellowship Breakfast will be on Saturday, January 12th at 8:00 am in the café.  All men, young and old, are welcome and encouraged to attend.  Contact Mark Waggoner at  or 512-800-5412.

SIMPLY GIVING PROGRAM – Through Thrivent’s Simply Giving Program, your offering payments are made through a pre-authorized withdrawal from your bank account. You determine the frequency of your automatic donation – weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly – the option is yours. Remember, if you wish to update your giving amount for 2019 or to enroll as a new participant in the Simply Giving Program, you must complete a new form in advance to make the changes or be added to the program. Copies of the form are in the literature rack in the Welcome Center, or you may contact Kelley in the office to get a form. Thanks!

OFFERING ENVELOPES – Please don’t forget to pick up your 2019 offering envelopes in the Welcome Center over the next couple Sundays in December. This will save us a lot of postage fees in January! Thanks!!!

CHRIST IN OUR HOME – The 1st Quarter 2019 (January – March) Christ in Our Home daily devotional booklets are available in the Welcome Center in both regular and large print sizes.  Pick up your copy before they are gone!

FLOWER CHART – Members of Lord of Life have blessed and adorned our sanctuary with beautiful flowers in praise and honor to our Lord and for other special events in their lives during 2018. Thanks for your generosity – now it’s time to do it again!! The new flower chart for 2019 is out in the Welcome Center. Hurry and sign up. Let’s see how fast we can fill it up so you can have the special dates you would like. (More than one can sign up for any Sunday).

CHURCH COUNCIL OPPORTUNITY – The Nominating Committee of Lord of Life is currently meeting to prayerfully select members of the congregation to be up for election for the 2019-2021 Council at the annual congregational meeting in January.  If you would like to be a member of the Council or have any questions about the role of a council member, please contact: Carol Gaskamp (, Deb Grunska (, or Barb Haskins (

TROOP 150 WOOD YARD – The Boy Scout Troop 150 now has firewood for sale. Check out their website at for more info. Printed order forms are also available in the Welcome Center.

Education News:




This is the first book to journey to the heart of religious militancy. Kressel, who has spent decades researching genocide, terrorism, and anti-Semitism, brings to bear the insights of psychology and social science on this significant and critical problem. He offers a clear and enlightening analysis of when and how religions become capable of inspiring evil. JOIN US IN THE CAFE FOR THIS INTERESTING STUDY

WOMEN’S STUDY will continue with the book, 31 VERSES, in the office conference room.

TUESDAY NIGHT BIBLE STUDY – Bible Study on the book of Mark, continues Tuesdays from 6:30-8:00 p.m. in the Café.

THURSDAY MORNING STUDY GROUP – This group is on break and will resume on January 17th at 9:45 am in the Lakeline Target snack bar. We will be studying Esther. Contact: Marge Kretschmar,, for more information.

Upcoming News/Important Dates to Remember:



COTTAGE MEETING – February 23rd

MINISTRY FAIR – February 24th

Upcoming Sunday Summer Service Volunteers:

January 6, 2019 – High Church Services

Presiding Minister:              Pastor Skip Wachsmann

Assisting Minister:              1) Deb Grunska                   2) Deb Grunska

Children’s Time:                 1) N/A                                    2) N/A

Communion Asst:               1) Nell Pennington              2) Carol Alessi

Lector:                                   1) Nell Pennington              2) Tony Lopez

Acolyte:                                 1) (VACANT)                       2) Nicolas D, Malcolm L, Jose M, Kira N

Thurifor:                                1) Felicia Wachsmann       2) Felicia Wachsmann

Cantor:                                  1) David Pencil                     2) David Pencil

Media Asst.:                          1) N/A                                    2) N/A

Ushers:                                   1) Doug Caldwell, Bill Saegert, Gary Parsons, Fred Grampp

                                                2) Dave, Erica, Chapin & Luke Smith

Altar Guild:                           1) Marge Kretschmar         2) Dick Fink

Flowers:                                 The Saegert’s, to the Glory of God

Tellers:                                  Mindy Penland & Shari Lagerstrom

January 13, 2019

Presiding Minister:              Pastor Skip Wachsmann

Assisting Minister:              1) (VACANT)                       2) Oscar Lopez

Children’s Time:                 1) N/A                                    2) John Paul Crawford

Communion Asst:               1) Carol Gaskamp               2) Carol Alessi, David Ladolcetta

Lector:                                   1) Donna Hagens                 2) Nathaniel Duarte

Acolyte:                                 1) (VACANT)                       2) Malcolm Lopez

Media Asst.:                          1) (VACANT)                       2) (VACANT)

Ushers:                                   1) Doug Caldwell, Bill Saegert, Gary Parsons, Fred Grampp

                                                2) Mike Kamensky, Dave & Erica Smith, Mark Waggoner

Altar Guild:                           1) Lyn Caldwell                   2) Kori Weston

Flowers:                                 Dick Fink, celebrating his mother’s birthday

Tellers:                                  Mindy Penland & Shari Lagerstrom