Current News:

MEN’S FELLOWSHIP BREAKFAST – The next Men’s Fellowship Breakfast is this Saturday, May 12th at 8:00 am in the café.  All men, young and old, are welcome and encouraged to attend.  Contact Mark Waggoner at  or 512-800-5412.

MOTHER’S DAY BREAKFAST THIS SUNDAY – You are Invited – The Men’s Prayer Breakfast Group will be serving breakfast between early/late services THIS Sunday, May 13th, to honor all ladies of Lord of Life and our visitors. We honor on Mother’s Day those who have been called to the ministry of motherhood and who serve that ministry unselfishly to any and all that have been designated for their caring, love and guidance. We honor you on this your day – Mother’s Day.

WEAR RED ON PENTECOST SUNDAY – Don’t forget to wear red on Sunday, May 20th, in recognition of Pentecost Sunday.

PENTECOST SUNDAY – May 20 is Pentecost Sunday.  Again this year, we would love to have members and visitors who are able to speak other languages participate in the service.  This year will be a little different, everyone will read the same Reading from Acts simultaneously.  How exciting and confusing it will sound as it did on that first Pentecost!  If you are able to speak and read another language and are interested in participating, please contact Deb Grunska.

GRADUATE RECOGNITION – Join us on Sunday, May 27, 2018 at 9:30 am as we celebrate with the following graduates: Zachary Klotz (McNeil High School) and Lydia Smith (Texas State University).

TEXAS RAMPS – AUSTIN BLITZ JUNE 2018 – Texas Ramps in the planning stages for an exciting event on the weekend on June 1-3. Travis County, along with four other Central Texas counties, will be hosting Austin Blitz June 2018. The goal is to build as many ramps as we can in a weekend and make a huge impact in our community. They are calling all hands on deck. There will be opportunities to contribute on the build site as well as at the warehouse (prefabricating forms and frames). Please talk with Dick Fink (512-636-1867) if you are interested in participating. You don’t need to commit to all three days, even one day will be appreciated.

HELP SUPPORT FAMILY ELDERCARE – The summer collection drive kicks off with a list of items to collect/donate the month of May. See your bulletin insert, Lifelines or the table in the Welcome Center for a list of items. Let’s support the elders and disabled in need in our community!

MISSION TRIP SUPPORT – Pastor Sunil Noah will be making a mission trip to India in July to strengthen and train rural Pastors and Christian Leaders in different locations.  Food and nourishment are provided to participants.  Pastor Noah has preached at Lord of Life in the past and both Pastor Noah and Ruth have participated in our services.  LOLLC has supported his previous ministry trips to India.  The Evangelism Ministry Team is requesting funds to support his next trip.  If you are so moved, please make your donation to Lord of Life with the words Pastor Noah or Emmanuel Bible School in the memo line or on the envelope.  Evangelism team will match the first $200.  Please make your donation by June 17.

MISSIONAL RIVER UPDATE – Since the Listening Team was commissioned on March 4, you may be wondering what is Missional River? The Listening Team, (Shannon Anderson, Randi Ladolcetta, Tony Lopez, Yuki Miyamoto- Mendez, and Mark Waggoner) is discerning where God is moving through scripture and prayer, through the congregation, and through the neighborhood.  Careful listening and reflection in these 3 spaces creates a movement from inward to outward as we expand our view of God. The Listening Team is discerning where God is moving the congregation in mission. We will be meeting regularly as well as providing the congregation updates. 

VBS – There are still a few spots left in VBS. Go to the website to register.

CAMP VOLUNTEERS STILL NEEDED!! – VBS and Day Camp are two important ministries of our church. We need your help to make these ministries happen! This year VBS (9a – 12p, 6/18 – 6/22) and Day Camp (9a—3:30p, 7/9 to 7/13).  Contact Laura Lopez at or 512-925-2961 or Wendy Waggoner at or 512-773-9450 to volunteer your service.

COMMUNITY GARDEN – ONLY 1 BED LEFT!! – Contact if you want to claim it. Thanks!


The SUNDAY EDUCATION program is coming to a close, the last class will be Sunday May 13th. Thank you to all who facilitated and all who participated. We have had 30-40 adults and 15-20 young people learning and sharing God’s word each Sunday.

AFFIRMATION OF BAPTISM. Please join us on Sunday, May 20th at the 9:30 hour as we celebrate our Confirmands. Nathaniel Duarte, Nicolas Duarte, Roman Duarte, Luke Smith, and Erin Weston will participate in the Affirmation of their Baptism at the 10:45 worship service. Please join us for cake during the education hour to celebrate with them and their families.

SUMMER ADULT EDUCATION CLASS will start on Sunday, June 10th at 8:15. We will study the book Future Faith: Ten Challenges Reshaping the Practice of Christianity, author Wesley Granberg-Michaelson provides a lucid view of how the top ten winds of change blowing through global Christian faith are reshaping the practice of Christianity today. Future Faith is designed to inform and empower followers of Jesus to seek new ways of becoming the face of Christ to a rapidly changing world. This class will meet in the café from 8:15-9:15am. Please contact Wendy Waggoner by email to by May 27th if you plan on attending so we can insure we have enough class materials.

TUESDAY NIGHT BIBLE STUDY – Please join us as we study the book of Mark, 6:30-8:00 p.m. in the Café.

THURSDAY MORNING STUDY GROUP – Continues at the Lakeline Target Store snack area at 9:45am. Contact: Marge Kretschmar,, for more information.

Upcoming News:

CHURCH PICNIC – Sunday, June 3rd marks the beginning of Summer at Lord of Life. It’s the first Sunday of our summer worship schedule and this year we will worship outside and fellowship by having a picnic. The church will sponsor the meat and beverages. All are asked to bring a side dish to share at the family table. It will be a day of fellowship and fun so bring your favorite game. There will also be contests and prizes. All are invited and encouraged to come, so bring a friend…or two…or three!

VBS – June 19th thru 22nd

DAY CAMP – July 9th thru 13th

Upcoming Sunday Service Volunteers:

May 13, 2018 – Mother’s Day

Presiding Minister:  Pastor Skip Wachsmann

Acolyte:                     (1)                                       (2)

Altar Guild:               (1) Lyn Caldwell              (2) Dick Fink

Assisting Minister:  (1) Lloyd Haskins           (2) John Paul Crawford

Children’s Time:     (1) N/A                              (2) John Paul Crawford

Communion Asst:   (1)                                       (2) Carol Alessi

Lector:                       (1) Carol Gaskamp         (2) Tony Lopez

Media Asst.:              (1) Lloyd/Barb Haskins (2) Dick Fink

Ushers:                       (1) Doug C, Bill S, Gary P, Fred G

                                    (2) Brad & Bryce Sheehan, Erica & Luke Smith

Flowers:                     Duarte Family, in honor of all mothers for all families

Tellers:                      Carol Gaskamp & Barb Haskins

May 20, 2018 – Pentecost Sunday

Presiding Minister:  Pastor Skip Wachsmann

Acolyte:                     (1)                                       (2)

Altar Guild:               (1) Marge K & Melinda P (2) Deb Grunska

Assisting Minister:  (1)                                       (2) Denise Sheehan

Children’s Time:     (1) N/A                              (2) Felicia Wachsmann

Communion Asst:   (1)                                       (2) Mike & Pam Kamensky

Lector:                       (1) Nell Pennington         (2) Mike Kamensky

Media Asst.:              (1) Lloyd/Barb Haskins (2) Bryce Sheehan

Ushers:                       (1) Doug C, Bill S, Gary P, Fred G

                                    (2) Mike Kamensky, Dave, Erica & Chapin Smith

Flowers:                     Hodges & Eun Ju Martin

Tellers:                      Carol Gaskamp & Mindy Penland

Other information:

PROPERTY HELP – Your church wants you!!!!!  The church wants people to help maintain the property on an ongoing basis (weekly, every 2 weeks, monthly, etc.).  We are looking for people to mow, trim, help maintain flowers and shrubs, etc.  We have the big equipment needed (riding mowers, push mowers, a gas trimmer and a gas blower). Please contact the office or Gene Kaloustian if you are available and willing to assist.

LWR STAMPOREE – Remember to please SAVE your stamps from envelopes. Just cut around stamp, leaving at least 1/4 inch around stamp, or put the whole envelope in the “LWR Stamp” box in the Welcome Center. Funds from this project provide postage for Lutheran World Relief. Thank you.

STEWARDSHIP MINISTRY LEAD – Everyone is asked to pray and see if God is nudging YOU to serve in this leadership position.  You might also pray that God would give us eyes to see and ears to hear God’ selection for this leader!

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