Current News:

CARECALENDAR FOR JIM TARSI & FAMILY – LOLLC Member Jim Tarsi is currently undergoing a lengthy medical treatment that requires him to remain largely isolated for the next month. The family has requested help with meals and visits during the times that Cindy will not be able to be home with him. He must have someone with him 24/7 until at least February 10th. We have set up a CareCalendar to coordinate the meals and visits for the family which is also being shared with Cindy’s congregation. If you can help with meals and/or visits, please follow the directions below to sign up as a HELPER. There are more specific details within the calendar for meals and visits. This family NEEDS YOUR HELP…Please sign up today!





The helper logon is used by family and friends that would like to sign-up to help a loved one.

To access Jim & Cindy Tarsi’s CareCalendar site, visit and enter the following information in the appropriate spaces:

     Calendar ID   :   265208

     Security code :   4090

EVANGELISM & OUTREACH MINISTRY – will meet Monday, Jan 15 at the home of Denise Sheehan. All are welcome to attend and share ideas for 2018!

ANNUAL CONGREGATIONAL MEETING – Mark your calendars to attend the 2018 Annual Congregational Meeting on Sunday, January 28th at 12:00 pm. A light lunch will be served.

MEN’S FELLOWSHIP BREAKFAST – The next Men’s Fellowship Breakfast will be on Saturday, January 13th at 8:00 am in the café.  All men, young and old, are welcome and encouraged to attend.  Contact Mark Waggoner at  or 512-800-5412.

CAAR CLUB (Cars At Avery Ranch) – The CAAR Club will begin meeting one Saturday per month in the LOLLC parking lot. The 1st meeting is on Saturday, January 13th at 2 pm. Most meetings will be on the 2nd Saturday of the month, and will vary in start times of 8 am, 9 am or 2 pm, (depending on the season of the year). We are pleased to welcome this neighborhood car club to our property and look forward to the relationships that will be made here!!

MEET WITH FIVE – Together this year, let’s all make a NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION and do something new! In January, we will be starting the new “Meet with Five” groups. There will be sign-up sheets in the Welcome Center. Each group of five will meet 3-5 times, for dinner, lunch, or coffee. The groups will intentionally combine newer people at Lord of Life with others who have been here for a longer time. The goal of the odd numbered group is to form a group of both singles and couples that can meet in a comfortable setting and develop closer relationships with one another. We encourage YOU to join a group!!

LUTHERAN WORLD RELIEF (LWR) PERSONAL CARE KITS will be assembled by Kindred Sisters on Tuesday, March 6 with YOUR help of item contributions.  THANK YOU …  Each Kit Contains: Dark LIGHT-WEIGHT bath-size TOWEL (Between 20”x40” & 52” x 27”), Two (4-5 oz) Bath-size bars of SOAP (Original Pkg), Adult-size TOOTHBRUSH (Original Pkg), Sturdy COMB (Wide tooth), Metal NAIL CLIPPER (preferably w/ file), or a Monetary Donation.  Place items in LWR Box in Welcome Center by Sunday, FEBRUARY 25, 2018.  Thank you.  Check out LWR at  Questions:  Glenace Klinker 512-671-3690

CHURCH AUDIT – The LOLLC Council and Ministry of Finance are looking for someone to perform an audit of the church finances for the Year 2017 in the 2018 January – March timeframe.  There are ELCA guidelines for performing the audit that will be made available, a financial background is all that is needed.  See Dick Fink or John Duarte if you are interested.



NEW STUDY:       

      CREATION: THE APPLE OF GOD’S EYE BY JUSTO GONZALEZ – How and why God loves us—God’s good creation This book will talk about the doctrine of creation and invite us to look closely at who God is and who we are in relationship with God. JOIN US IN THE SANCTUARY.


      BY HEART: AN EXPLORATION OF THE SMALL CATECHISM. This study will generate conversation about the biblical and historical context of the catechism, its link to the church’s faith, its connection to Luther’s life and your life today. Great for longtime Lutherans as well as those newer to the Lutheran faith. THIS CLASS MEETS IN THE CAFÉ.

      BECOMING A VESSEL THAT GOD CAN USE – A ten-week study that shows how God accomplishes extraordinary things through ordinary people, transforming us into vessels He can use. A STUDY FOR WOMEN WHICH MEETS IN THE OFFICE CONFERENCE ROOM

TUESDAY NIGHT BIBLE STUDY – From 6:30-8:00 p.m., in the café for prayer and study.

THURSDAY MORNING STUDY GROUP – Resumes on 1-18-18 at the Target Store (Lakeline snack area at 9:45am. Contact: Marge Kretschmar

Upcoming News:

MOTHER/TEEN DAUGHTER RETREAT – for daughters in Grades 6-12 and their mothers at Ebert Ranch Camp February 2-4, 2018. Come and learn how God uses some of the most unlikely people, including “bad girls” to share who God is in the world. Enjoy a fun weekend of Bible study, worship, crafts, ropes course, and horseback riding. Early Bird Cost: Mothers: $125, Daughters: $85. Register at

TOWN HALL MEETING – Lord of Life Lutheran Church Congressional Council will be hosting a town hall meeting on Saturday, February 17, 2018 at 1 p.m. in the sanctuary.  Lunch will be served. Council will be sharing their work from their Fall 2017 retreat with emphasis on their 1-year goal, 5-year vision plan for Lord of Life Lutheran Church while focusing on the challenges ahead and the path forward with the finances of Lord of Life Lutheran Church. Please Mark your calendars and plan to attend. John Duarte – Council President

FATHER/TEEN SON RETREAT – for sons in Grades 6-12 and their fathers at Ebert Ranch Camp February 23 – 25, 2018. Are you on target for some “danger”? Teens and their dads are invited to come to the ranch for a weekend of “dangerous” activities like skeet shooting, horseback riding, Bible study, the ropes course and others that are just plain fun! Dare yourselves, make camp-style memories and grow in faith together. Stay in comfortable Lela Haus with other fathers and sons. Early Bird Cost: Fathers: $125, Sons: $85. Register at

Upcoming Sunday Service Volunteers:

January 14, 2017

Presiding Minister:      Pastor Skip Wachsmann

Acolyte:             (1) N/A                    (2)

Altar Guild:        (1) Lyn Caldwell      (2) Kori Weston

Assisting Minister:                              (1) Marilee Parsons     (2) Dick Fink

Children’s Time:                                 (1) N/A           (2) John Paul Crawford

Communion Asst:                               (1)        (2) Mike & Pam Kamensky

Lector:                (1) Marge Kretschmar          (2) John Duarte

Media Asst.:       (1)                             (2)

Ushers:               (1) Doug C, Bill S, Gary P, Mike B, Fred G

                           (2) Dave, Erica, Chapin & Luke Smith

Flowers:             Dick Fink, celebrating his mother’s birthday

Tellers:               Carol Gaskamp & Mindy Penland

January 21, 2018

Presiding Minister:      Pastor Skip Wachsmann

Acolyte:             (1) N/A                    (2)

Altar Guild:        (1) Deanna Brown   (2) Chuck Neeley

Assisting Minister:                              (1) Lloyd Haskins       (2) Dick Fink

Children’s Time:                                 (1) N/A           (2) Felicia Wachsmann

Communion Asst:                               (1)       (2)

Lector:                (1) Carol Gaskamp (2) Carol Alessi

Media Asst.:       (1)                             (2)

Ushers:               (1) Doug C, Bill S, Gary P, Mike B, Fred G

                           (2) Mike Kamensky, Dave & Erica Smith, Mark Waggoner


Tellers:               Carol Gaskamp & Mindy Penland

Other information:

TELLERS NEEDED – We are in need more volunteers for tellers. Responsibilities include counting money after late service and special events. Each team of two people counts for a month, once per quarter. If interested, please contact Julia Neeley at

CAMPERSHIPS – Both Lord of Life and Cross Trails (Camp Chrysalis and Ebert Ranch Camp) have campership funds. Because Cross Trails offers such a wonderful experience people continue to make generous donations to these funds. If cost is what is keeping you from attending a retreat please talk with Pr Skip (512-671-6100), Barb Haskins (512-689-6006) or Cross Trails (830-257-6340).

INFORMAL PHOTO DIRECTORYARE WE MISSING YOU??? – It is easy to get included in the Lord of Life Photo Directory!!  You have multiple options to get included:

¨ Bring a photo to church and drop it in the photo basket in the Narthex.

¨ Email a photo to Kelley at, or to Nick at

¨ Take a selfie and text it to Nick at 512.238.0987.

¨ Check with Barb or Nick after the service, and they will take your picture for you!

¨ Follow the link to easily upload your own photo to insert into the church directory.  You can even take a selfie now and upload it.

And did you know that you can log in online to see the directory?  The new feature makes it easy for all members to gain access to our directory for quick and easy access on your PC.  Follow the link and log in as “member.”  The directory can also be added as a free app on iPhones, Android phones and Kindles.  Go to the app store on your device and download the app “instantchurchdirectory” and install/log on.